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“Your Bridge to a Brighter Future”

Every year over 200,000 service members exit the military to join the civilian workforce. While they are all assigned military occupations, 86% want a career change, with 80% uncertain about their next career. The challenge is to resolve employment and reintegration issues before exiting the military and when they return home.

By focusing on and resolving key reintegration issues affecting veterans and the challenges employers face trying to hire them, OPERATION SKILLBRIDGE will orchestrate a predictable talent pipeline from military service to employment in priority job sectors through a joint public-private partnership providing coordinated training through multiple agencies.

The 3–week REBOOT WorkshopTM is the nation’s only Military-2-Civilian Transition Reverse-Boot Camp that successfully addresses: Identity, Passion, & Career.
The REBOOT Workshop
TM includes:

  • Behavior-Based Life-Skills Training
  • Resiliency Training
  • Life/Career Assessment & Planning
  • Continuous Improvement Training
  • Veterans Benefits Brief
  • Interview Training
  • Mock Interviews
  • Resume Development
  • Financial Literacy Training
  • Dressing for Success Seminar

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“Your Bridge to a Brighter Future”

About Operation Skillbridge

OPERATION SKILLBRIDGE is an industry-driven, community-led initiative to reboot the lives and careers of transitioning service members and veterans in order to close the skills gap, promote economic opportunities, and stimulate civic engagement and coordinated access to ongoing community reintegration services for veterans and their families.

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