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About General Atomics

General Atomics is its own company, with a unique and powerful vision. The Predator® series of unmanned aerial vehicles has changed aviation and is changing the way our fighting forces work. In electromagnetics, we’re modernizing the way aircraft carriers launch and land planes. Our work in nuclear fusion is contributing to an international effort to bring safe, unlimited power to the world.

Privately owned, we’re free of quarterly reports, stock price concerns and other diversions from technological excellence. Vertical integration with R&D, engineering, manufacturing and technical support in-house, lets us all work in unison. Our diverse businesses – aerospace, defense, electromagnetic systems, nuclear fusion and other areas, all support each other’s advances.

With approximately 13,000 employees, we’ve had an outsized impact on the world, yet can still offer everyone here the opportunity to stand out and make their own impact on General Atomics and their career. Explore your opportunities to deliver for General Atomics, our customers and your future.

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