Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who should attend? Veterans of all wars, Active Duty , Reserves, National Guards of all Branches of the Military, and their Spouses, who are separating from the service and looking to plan a successful transition.
  • Are there any rank restrictions? None
  • What are the days/hours of the workshops? Monday through Friday from 0900 to 1600 (100% attendance is mandatory) 
  • What is the uniform? Business casual
  • Is this for active duty as well as veterans? Yes, this is ideally suited for active duty and is structured to help you transition successfully.
  • Where will the workshops take place? Workshops take place virtually and at various locations throughout California.
  • Are TAD orders required? TAD orders are required for active duty personal by NVTSI, we will collect your TAD orders prior to the beginning of the workshop and return them upon final graduation.
  • Will there be other REBOOT Workshops™? Yes –
    please visit the workshop application page.
  • Do you serve OIF/OEF VETERANS ?  Yes
  • Is there a cost to attend REBOOT Workshops™/Seminars? No! We never charge military, veterans, spouses, guard, or reserves, for our services.

Still Have Questions?

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