Operation Reboot

An Industry-Driven, Community-Lead Initiative to Reboot the Lives & Careers of Transitioning Service Members and Veterans to Promote Economic Empowerment & Self-Sufficiency

Mission Focus

By focusing on and resolving the key reintegration issues of veterans and the challenges employers face trying to hire them, OPERATION REBOOT will orchestrate a predictable talent pipeline from military service to employment in priority sectors through a coordinated training effort with multiple partners.

Soft Skills

Use evidence-based solutions only. Leverage existing funds and resources. Centrally organize and monitor cohorts.

Hard Skills

Use approved training partners. Courses selected are based on regional job growth projections.

Workplace Integration

Job matching is based on course completion, the veteran’s career DNA (O-net Interest Profiler), and regional employer participation.

Join Us

Employer Packages

Basic Plan $2500 (Join) – Sponsorship of 2 to 3 Service members/veterans

  1. Corporate logo displayed in special R4H Employer Partners section of the website.
  2. Directly recruit graduates from workshops (you are always invited to attend graduations)
  3. Can promote your company’s veteran efforts via the NVTSI’s media channels
  4. National recognition for being proactive in veteran employment
  5. Socially connect with veterans and enhance your cultural competency/awareness
  6. Meet your company’s EEO requirements for outreach and involvement (DOL-OFCCP)
  7. Receive updates and information on the benefits of hiring veterans

Recruiter Plan $5,000 (Join)- Sponsorship of 5 Service members/veterans

  1. All of the Basic benefits
  2. Recruitment campaign focused on your company
  3. Training for your line-level staff*
  4. Invitations to all of the REBOOT events
  5. Speaker at workshop graduations
  6. Employment ad in our student manuals
  7. Access to student interns
  8. Management development plan
  9. Employee mentoring services – pre-employment behavior modification

Retention Plan $10,000 (Join) – Sponsorship of 10 Service members/veterans

  1. All of the Basic and Recruiter benefits
  2. HR staffing assistance – Advice, consultation, conflict resolution, veteran support seminars
  3. Unit-level access to over 50 active command units in San Diego (via NVTSI)
  4. Management-level staff veteran training/goal setting – Customized
  5. Organizational consulting – Cross-cultural communication methods

Corporate Sponsor Plan $25,000 (Join) and above – Sponsorship of 25 Service members/ veterans (one full REBOOT workshop)

  1. All of the Basic, Recruiter and Retention benefits
  2. Focused client search (local and national)
  3. Corporate-level veteran training – seminar style
  4. Corporate logo on home page of R4H job bank
  5. Full-page ad in InTransition Magazine
  6. Featured article about your company in the InTransition Magazine
  7. Community relations, Cause Marketing campaigns and promotions -Your company is recognized for its social responsibility and support for veterans
  8. A special networking event focused on your company where we invite “most likely” candidates to come learn about your company in a relaxed atmosphere designed for you.

For more information on becoming a OPERATION REBOOT employer member, email maurice@nvtsi.org or call 619-822-2704.