Founded in 2010, the National Veterans Transition Services, Inc. (NVTSI) is a San Diego-based 501 (c)(3) organization dedicated to assisting veterans in adjusting to civilian life and securing meaningful employment by combining best-practice performance social solutions and techniques. The organization was established by a group of retired high-ranking Naval and Marine Corps officers and workforce development professionals who seek to fill a tremendous gap in veteran transition services where government-ran programs fall short.

The mission of NVTSI is to assist veterans in making a successful transition from military service to civilian life, with all veterans achieving, within their potential, their goals in the transition domains of employment and career, education, living situation, personal effectiveness/wellbeing, and community-life functioning.

To accomplish our mission, NVTSI developed a groundbreaking and comprehensive military transition program called the REBOOT Workshop™ designed to scientifically address the personal and social aspects of transition, targeted at increasing the self-esteem and self-efficacy of veterans.

Taking a innovative and holistic approach to learning, REBOOT Workshops™ builds upon a service member’s military training and skills to help participants redefine their personal identity, purpose in life, and desired occupation. Veterans are immersed in a reflective and engaging curriculum that successfully bridges the gap between military and civilian worlds.

The REBOOT Workshop™ is a three-week, cohort-based program that builds the emotional, psychological, social, and professional skills necessary for successful reintegration into civilian life. Reboot’s intensive and personalized approach to reintegration utilizes cognitive restructuring to help participants redefine their life – from the inside out.

The Workshop was designed by NVTSI in collaboration with our partners; The Pacific Institute and; Operation Legacy, bringing together the best in class cognitive behavioral training solutions proven to achieve results.

The Pacific Institute®, a psychology-based company, is an international organization that develops and provides cognitive belief-based educational training programs for corporations, government and law enforcement agencies, educational institutions, and workforce development programs. Introduced in week one the Pacific Institute’s CBBE is the foundation of a process that is used to help participants understand how their mind works for-and-against them and provides them with the tools to help them manage positive and negative thoughts.

Operation Legacy was established by psychologists who were veterans that have collaborated with major Fortune 500 corporations and agencies regarding organizational development, culture change, and employee performance. Presented in week two OL’s curriculum helps provide a series of discussions and exercises that enable the participants to identify the personal aspects of values, talents and strategies to develop a plan to achieve a meaningful purpose and vision in life.

RESULTS AND Accomplishments

Over the past four years we have:

  1. Conducted 88 REBOOT Workshops and graduated over 1580 service members/veterans.
  2. Maintained an employment/education success rate of 95-97%.
  3. Documented a high retention rate (93%) in alumni one year after graduating from REBOOT.
  4. Our model and system of delivery has been validated independently by the University of San Diego and by a team of doctorial students from Pepperdine University who researched and wrote a White Paper comparing REBOOT to other transition services provided by the government.
  5. We have worked with all groups of Transitioning Service Members/Veterans. For example, we successfully piloted five all-female veterans REBOOT WorkshopsTM to test our ability to address their unique need for comprehensive reintegration services. We are now preparing for our second homeless veteran workshop scheduled to begin in July 2017.
  6. Gained national recognition by the White House as Champions of Change.
  7. Earned the support and confidence of Navy and Marine leadership in the region resulting in local transitioning service members being given official permission to take off three weeks to attend the workshop (resulted in a waiting list of over 550 transitioning service members/veterans).
  8. Successfully tested our ability to expand workshops to multiple areas such as; San Diego, Oceanside, Irvine, Los Angeles, and Norfolk Virginia, without loss of quality, effectiveness, or impact.
  9. Recently NVTSI launched REBOOT in Michigan and are poised to expand our operation in Downey, CA  and Texas in Fall 2017.