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About Qualcomm

We value your service to our country as much as we value our employees’ contributions to our company.

Military veterans and their families have made a commitment to upholding many of the same values that we embrace as a company. At Qualcomm, we have created a community that provides opportunities for camaraderie, community outreach and professional development for veterans and colleagues—essentially allowing veterans to continue their mission of excellence, teamwork and service.

As a veteran, you’ve acquired valuable skills through your unique military experience that could be beneficial to Qualcomm’s success. Our history of working with military organizations has allowed us to develop training programs and a variety of career opportunities to help you successfully transition from the military to a corporate environment.

Below are some examples of how your current specialization could align to civilian opportunities at Qualcomm.

If you worked in: You might consider:
Personnel, Recruiter, Instructor Human Resources, Staffing, Training, Compensation
Networking, Intel, Communication IT, Business/Systems Analyst, Sales/Business Development, Corporate Communication, Marketing
Engineering, Technician Engineering, Technician
Leadership Project/Program or People Management, Business Analyst, Sales/Business Development
Front-Line, Operations, Support Operations, Help Desk, Customer Service, Administration/Department Support, Security
Logistics, Finance, Contracts Logistics, Supply Chain, Finance and Accounting, Procurement, Contracts


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