‘Forgotten vets’ will get help reintegrating into society

San Diego – January 11, 2015 – Women who served in the United States military are facing greater challenges than their male counterparts are when they return to civilian life, studies show. And yet, too often, they are flying under the radar when it comes to the assistance they need.

The call is out for two-dozen or more Los Angeles-area women veterans to participate at no cost in a three-week program that will focus on their unique needs.

Organizers say the progressive training builds upon the participants’ military training, skills, and experience. They say it addresses the personal, social, and professional aspect of military-to-civilian life transition and has a 97-percent success rate.

The non-profit, National Veterans Transition Services, Inc.’s all women veterans REBOOT Workshop will run from March 9 to March 27 on the campus of National University in Los Angeles. The veterans will attend daylong classes, five days a week.

“More than 1,100 veterans have been able to reintegrate successfully into civilian life after they completed the REBOOT Workshop,” said co-founder Maurice Wilson, “but only now is it specifically targeting women veterans.” Wilson is, himself, a retired Navy Master Chief Petty Officer.

He says they based the curriculum around how people think, and the impact that people’s thoughts have on every facet of their lives.

“We designed the workshop, “Wilson said, “to build awareness of how your mind works, how to control the way you think and how to achieve success in any part of your life.”

Ford Motor Company is providing the funding and logistics for the workshop with additional support from the Boeing Employee Fund of Southern California, Wilson said.

“We’re reaching out to as many veterans groups and support organizations as we can,” He says. “But we’re counting on the general public to share this information with women veterans they may know or know about.”

He says women veterans, as well as wives of combat veterans can learn more and sign up by visiting its website, or calling 866-535-7624.

For additional information, please contact Maurice Wilson at 619-822-2704 or


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