Start with the end in mind!
During this informative\, hands-on workshop\, we will: EDUCATE & INFORM (1.5 hours) – Address the actual risk(s) involved in franchise ownership & business ownership vs a traditional career – Discuss the pros and cons of starting a business vs buying a business vs buying a franchise – Identify recession-resistant industries – Learn how to conduct thorough due diligence in business exploration – Uncover financing options-CREATE MY UNIQUE BUSINESS MODEL (1.5 hours) – don’t leave empty-handed! – Create an individual profile using a propriety assessment created by behavioral psychologists to reveal my unique personality\, skills\, values relating to business – Apply profile findings to creating my ideal business model – Discuss thought-provoking questions I need to consider now and in the future

¬†After you’ve signed up for this workshop\, please complete the following survey at least two business days prior to the start date. You will need to bring a printed copy of the results with you on the day of the workshop\, as you will be referencing your individual survey results as part of the curriculum.