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About Hobart Services

Hobart Service is one of the most trusted names in the food service industry. In fact, Hobart Service has been servicing Hobart equipment, and more, for over 100 years. Here are some reasons to join a force unparalleled in the industry:

Living Well

We provide a variety of wellness programs and benefits that help you and your family stay healthy. Premium reduction can be achieved by completing the gateway activities and healthy actions. Gateway activities help you know your numbers by completing your Biometric screening and Personal Health Assessment. Healthy action programs include: Health Advisor Call, Working with a Health Coach, Nutrition Campaign, Online Healthy Living programs, Onsite Wellness Program, and Self-Reported Activities.

Medical Benefits

We offer two medical plan options, Option 1 and Option 2. They both work the same way and cover the same services. The plans also use the same medical provider network and prescription drug provider. The difference is in the amount you pay for coverage – the amount deducted from your paycheck – and the amount you pay when you receive care.

Service Vehicles and Uniforms

We provide reliable service vehicles for business use. Uniforms are provided to you at no extra cost.

Educational Assistance

Full time associates are eligible to receive educational assistance on courses from accredited schools that are part of a degree program and are job-related. You can receive up to 100% reimbursement for tuition.

Savings & Investment Plan

Our 401K provides the opportunity to contribute towards retirement savings, on a before-tax or after-tax basis. In addition, the Company makes contributions to associates accounts to help build financial security for your future.

Skills: Foodservice

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