“Beverly Smith, REBOOT Class 86” I had been preparing for my transition out of the military years before my official retirement date. As a Navy Career Counselor Senior Chief, I was sure that I had the process right. Was I ever so wrong? The Navy did a great job developing me as a leader and providing me with valuable skills and tools needed to enter the civilian workforce. However; I lacked the experience of knowing how to showcase these exceptional skills in landing my perfect job.

I was familiar with the REBOOT program, but I wasn’t quite sure what they offered. I just knew it went beyond resume writing and interviews. When the opportunity presented itself for me to attend a REBOOT workshop, I jumped on it. And it completely changed my life.

Before attending REBOOT, I had gone on several interviews. I interviewed well and received two job offers. So what’s the problem, right? After these interviews, I would realize that the position was not what I wanted to be doing. So, I would decline the offers when presented. After declining my second job offer, I knew that I was missing something. It was not my resume or interview skills because I was getting the interviews and job offers. I begin to realize that the problem was with me. I was so caught up on “nailing” the interview and getting a job that I wasted valuable time applying for positions that weren’t a good fit for me “just because.”

My REBOOT workshop experience was more than just about informing me of my veteran benefits and teaching me how to write resumes and conducting mock job interviews. It was about how to relearn, rebuild, rebrand, and reboot my mind. What the workshop taught me is that when I apply the techniques of the program, I can start to understand and recognize scotomas and negative self-talk. And through this recognition, I can begin to change negative thoughts into positive affirmations.

The course teaches you how the mind works. If you think negative, you will have negative outcomes; and if you think positive, you will have positive outcomes. It taught me how to get in touch with who I am an individual. And to think about what I wanted for my life. Once I was able to put it all together, I was able to focus on making better decisions for me (to include applying for jobs).

Because of REBOOT, I am now pursuing my Ph.D. in Business Administration and finally landed a career that I love. I am closer to my son and only share my dreams with people who will support them. It is amazing how the mind works and how it can hold you back in life (if you allow it to do so). What I think is even more amazing is that there are so many people (including myself) walking around who don’t even recognize that subconsciously they have scotomas and negative self-talk; which is why I continue to use the techniques I learned from REBOOT in my daily routine.