LinkedIn networking tips can get a little complicated, so let’s slow it down and return to what really matters. This Veterans Day, I want to help you make more connections, partnerships and friends than ever before on LinkedIn. Luckily with this handy list of tips, that is exactly what will happen – all you have to do cross them off this list!

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#1: Always customize your LinkedIn mail.When connecting to people using the ‘friends’ selection, introduce yourself and give your new connection a reason to want to follow you. You can also explain how you know them, through your other members.

#2: Only use your best recommendations. It’s great that you have 60 personal testimonials, but no-one has time to read them. Only use your best ones, from the most influential people in your network. LinkedIn networking tips like this improve your profile likability.

#3: Guide connections to your website. Use your profile space to encourage your connections to click on your website links, so that they can get to know you and your business.

#4: Only follow people in your niche. These LinkedIn networking tips are pointless unless you connect with people in your field. Adding just anyone is a great way to make your LinkedIn page completely empty and useless for business!

#5: Tell your personal brand story. Connections don’t want to know what job you do, they want to know what kind of career you have. Be the brand and tell your story using colorful language on your profile, and people that work in the same field will connect with you.

#6: Endorse people that you know. Unless otherwise verified, only endorse the skills of people in your network that you know. LinkedIn networking tips like this will attract attention to your own skill sets and your network will in turn, endorse you.

#7: Connect via group conversions. If you want to expand your network, join several groups and then engage with real people. Be an expert in your field, and then connect with other experts as you discuss matters of importance with them.

#8: Target active LinkedIn users. If your network is active, they will help you succeed online. But if you use these LinkedIn networking tips to add hundreds of people that don’t engage on the platform, you may struggle to excel there.

#9: Put LinkedIn on your business card. It is a business network after all, and a great place for people that have met you at conferences, seminars and workshops to reconnect with you. Just add your unique LinkedIn URL.

#10: Don’t be afraid to be real. LinkedIn may be a business network, but it is also a social meeting place. Be who you are, stay friendly and informative and you will make a lot of friends in the group areas.

If you implement these LinkedIn networking tips today, you will almost certainly be earning more income from this business network over the next few weeks. There are lots of opportunities to be found on the platform, you just need to know how to strategically approach meeting people. No more cold calling for you!

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