San Diego – March 16 Studies show that women who have served in the United States military face far greater challenges than their male counterparts when they return to civilian life. Too often, they are flying under the radar when it comes to the assistance they need.

For this reason, the National Veterans Transition Services, Inc. (NVTSI) aka REBOOT is conducting a all women’s REBOOT Workshop funded by Wells Fargo March 23 through April 10. The three-week program is designed to address the unique needs of female veterans. And the REBOOT Workshops have a record of success in addressing personal, lifestyle and career transitional issues.

A key component of the program will be an opportunity for the female veteran participants to benefit from the one-on-one mentoring from a successful local community leader.

REBOOT’s Mentor Program
Workforce research reinforces the fundamental value of mentoring and the measurable impact of one-on-one coaching. The REBOOT Mentor model is designed to engage a cross section of veteran and civilian mentors who provide insights, advice and encouragement to steer women veterans and military/veteran spouses on individualized courses of action in the civilian workplace. Program participants enter the REBOOT Mentoring Program as members seeking access to tools, resources or one-to-one confidential guidance, with the flexibility to change their status as needed/desired.

REBOOT’s Veteran Mentor Program connects Female Veteran Mentees with Mentors for a year-long mentorship. Paired based on their career objectives and professional experience, Mentors and Mentees define the goals of their mentorship together and focus on a successful transition from the military to the civilian workforce.

What is Required of a REBOOT Workshop Mentor?

  • Attendance at a 3-hour Mentor Training Class, which includes overviews of military culture and the Reboot Workshop on:
    Saturday, April 04 form 9AM to Noon
  • Attendance at the REBOOT Workshop graduation, to be held on Friday, April 10th
  • Commitment to meet with the Veteran Mentee regularly over a one year period to provide guidance on achievement of their life priority goals.

If you are interested in becoming a mentor for women veterans please complete our online application today by clicking the following link – sign up to be a mentor.

To Learn more about becoming a REBOOT Workshop Mentor contact Martha Deloera at: 619.822.2701 or