REBOOT Workshops

Through an initiative called: REBOOT, the National Veterans Transition Service Inc. (NVTSI) and its partners address transition issues at their root cause and assist veterans and recently separated servicemen and women in properly transitioning from the military to civilian world by providing them with a three phased intensive Cognitive-Behavioral Educational (CBE) reintegration program.

REBOOT Class 01, July 2010

REBOOT, is a new and innovative program designed for veterans that aims to address the complex needs of recently separated service members and veterans who are transitioning from military service to civilian life but lack the confidence/know-how by combining psycho-social training with real-time employment strategies over a 15-day period.

Our proven evidence-based social solutions provides veterans with the technical knowledge to fill in the psychological transitional gaps needed to enable them to successfully integrate/reintegrate into civilian life and seek and maintain meaningful employment.

To date over 750 Service men/women, veterans and spouses have completed REBOOT and the results are amazing. Over 98% of the students are achieving the goals set in the workshop and a higher percent feel ready to tackle the civilian job market.

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